• Objective-C Associated Objects

    As a developer, I love coming across new methods or techniques that help make better, more readable code. Recently I was trying to find a better way of passing information from a method that creates a UIAlertView to the UIAlertView’s delegate method alertView:didDismissWithButtonIndex:. There is no userInfo dictionary for an alert view, and Apple specifically says not to subclass UIAlertView. What I’ve done in the past is create a property or class instance variable to temporarily hold the object I want to pass around. I don’t like this technique, it feels sloppy, but it gets the job done.

  • UIView Animations With Autolayout

    Using autolayout in your apps is becoming increasingly important with each new version of iOS. If you’re used to the old springs and struts model, you may find that some things that you could do in your sleep now pose somewhat of a challenge. One of these for me was UIView animations.

  • Offset UITableView Content When Keyboard Appears

    This post will show how to adjust the content insets of a uitableview or uitextview when the keyboard pops up, so nothing is hidden underneath. I’m just going to jump right into the code for this one because this post is more for reference whenever this topic comes up. I’m not going to do a full tutorial for something like this.

  • Create a Collapsible Toolbar

    In this tutorial you will learn to create a toolbar or tabbar style view that can be animated on and off the screen. By using a toolbar that can be collapsed, you can give your users the option of more screen real-estate. We will create a UIView that can hold a couple buttons and can be expanded or collapsed when a button is touched. The user can also drag it open or closed with a pan gesture.

  • Make a GIF Style Animation on iOS

    Everything in this tutorial simply uses a standard UIImageView, no third party libraries are required. When I came across this topic for the first time it was to animate bookmarking a page. It is incredibly easy to create a GIF animation that repeats over and over again. Where the complexity comes in is making the animation run once forward, then being able to toggle it backwards to animate the undo of the action. By adding this simple technique to your objective-c arsenal you can add that little extra to your apps.

  • iOS Slide Out Navigation Tutorial

    Update: March 2, 2015

    This tutorial was written in early 2013 for iOS 6 with autolayout disabled. It is far outdated at this point, and I wouldn’t recommend following it. It uses version 1 of ECSlidingViewController, which is now at a completely changed version 2.

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